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The music of Achala is truly of historic dimensions, for just as man has never before experienced such a time of globalized consciousness, there has never been such a deep musical and spiritual fusion of contemporary western and traditional asian music styles...


Tony Clark and Lothar Krell are the two masterminds behind Achala. They happened upon each other in Frankfurt, Germany, where they collaborated on various productions. Both carried the same vision of creating a real synthesis of cultures and music, of a new homogenous entity fusing not only sounds, but the philosophies and ideas behind them as well.

Tony Clark, son of an American opera singer and a German actress grew up in Seattle, Washington. He received his first guitar at age seven and has dedicated his life to music ever since. Later on he founded several bands and released his first record at age 16 before moving to Los Angeles to study and work in the music business. Having accomplished much at an early age, he grew tired of the run-of-the-mill rock and pop music that abounded, and decided to study composition and singing at Florida State University, where he discovered the music of the Japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi, and further immersed himself in Japanese culture by apprenticing in a local sushi bar. A few years later he moved to Europe, playing Andean music on the streets with a band of indians, finally establishing himself in the Frankfurt area as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Clark has always had a definite vision of what modern world music should be : boarder-crossing, searching, fusing elements and ideas, a vision that is shared by Krell.

Lothar Krell has been a known entity in the German rock and pop business, initially as a keyboard player, working with many top acts. The parallels in the creative developments of both are quite obvious. At some point, Krell also felt the burning desire to create music of greater dimensions, of lasting significance and value, eventually prompting him to produce and to found his own label.

Achala´s debut album Twelve Days in a Secret Garden is the epitome of what both had been striving for - a grand and colourfull collage of textures and ideas, and yet music with a deeper meaning, with content beyond the superficial. It is a subtle fascination that emanates from Achala´s sound, a fascination that grows every time one listens to Twelve Days ...

Achala's music is a soundtrack to the lifestyle of modern man - the spirit of the 21st century.
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