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It is not easy to describe Amerindia in a few words. A kaleidoskope comes to mind. Where and whenever you listen to this music, it´s colorful variety fascinate and capture the listener...


The two forces behind Amerindia, Lothar Krell und Tony Osanah, met four years ago in Frankfurt, Germany, for the production of a brazillian traditional. They hit it off well, musically and personally. Each had been carrying a dream within - to go beyond superficial effects and cosmetic revamping of empty pop songs, to create a true synthesis of musical cultures - real "world music". To present a wholistic concept of music, to attach new values to music - Amerindia represents this, a wonderfull world of enchanting melodies and strong imagery.

Tony Osanah, the musical nomad, the indian, the rebell, and Lothar Krell, the musical perfectionist, the soundscape artist, each is the perfect complement to the other. Each wanted to learn from the other, listening intently to the other´s ideas. Krell comments on the production of Amerindia : "When one of us came up with a musical sketch, the other would add the missing colours".

Tony Osanah, born in Argentina, a descendant of the Calchaqui indians, left his home for Brazil early in life, escaping troubled times under military dictatorship. His life is one fascinating journey. Tony experimented with various musical styles, from rock and roll to the blues to hispanic folk music, embracing each and living his life accordingly. Osanah has played with all the great artists of brazillian music, Gilberto Gil and Roberto Carlos among them. His recordings sold millions in the 70´s. Osanah toured Europe, living in Spain and Italy, and finally moving to Germany, where he has resided for nearly 8 years now.

Osanah is a wonderful story teller and a passionate defender of justice. He is also a brilliant instrumentalist and even a craftsman, constructing his own instruments.

Lothar Krell represents the other side of Amerindia; He is also a musician of many worlds - a reputable studio musician cum producer. Coming from a classical piano background, his musical journey took him from Hardrock keyboarder to pop music and all the way to the production of "Echnaton´s Return" , a milestone (1993) in conceptual world music. Krell and Osanah both are wanderers, on a never ending quest.
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