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Music is a vehicle connecting the cultures, a language that is understood worldwide.

Nobody can contradict this insight. On the other hand, music originating from countries on the other side of the Western mainstream have had a shadow over it for a long time, and had only been locally accepted, if at all. When the dominant music market of the West became saturated with music that all pretty much sounded the same, the music industry decided to rethink their priorities. While looking for new musical influences and styles, they started to use local and regional sounds and blended it together with the sounds they were familiar with. These projects, considered "crossover" at the beginning, and not taken seriously if noted at all, now belong to the "classics" of Popular Music.

World Music is no longer just for ethnic-oriented customers. It finds it´s symbiosis with the west-oriented music of the Industrial Nations, and with it, the important sales markets. The World Music Cafe stands for a new form of world music, and we´ve made it our responsibility to take the richness of world cultures, their music and musicians and introduce them to a widespread audience, blending it with western musical influences, therefore making it "Popular".

We present the Artist with their identity and cultural background, and show the wealth of rhythms, vocals, sounds, instruments and myths that are expressed in their music. And there is a lot to discover. We want to make this inexhaustible source accessible to everyone. The WMC is a Communication Platform for Artists, Labels, and Media that have made world music their priority (or main topic) The label offers their artists an efficient international network that insures the distribution of their products in the important markets.

We work on an International level with our Distribution Partners, who, like us, have specialized in world music.
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