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Artists at a glance


Enter the secret garden - experience the world as an illusion , a plaything the gods created - on a calm midsummer eve we venture into a garden of tenderness and enchantment...  » more


A journey into the world of indian dreams and storys. Beautiful melodies and Lyrics about indian legends, rebellion and the never ending cry for freedom...  » more

Domenico Rubino

Twelve Stages filled with Poetry and Music. Impressions of a reversed emotional migration, accompanied by sounds and melodies that aim to unify the past with the future...  » more

Fayoum Blue

Fayoum Blue´s songs tell of a splendid oasis, a colourful and harmonious fantasy, and a prayer for universal love and understanding...  » more

Ion Javelin

Back again: Head and voice of the german techno-cult-act from the late 80`s!...  » more

Lothar Krell

digitally re-mastered : the keyboarders both classics now re-released...  » more

Mehmet Badan

A wonderful mixture between pop- and traditional turkish folk. Mehmet's music is Literally crossing borders...  » more


It is definitely not a simple reproduction of traditional Persian music. Much more it comes to the point where eastern & western style melts down and mixes up to a complete new, personal and soul-touching tool to inspire your mind...  » more

Tony Osanah

...  » more
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