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Ion Javelin

(Ex-Moskwa TV)


The head and voice of the german techno-cult-act from the late 80`s is back ! With “Moskwa TV”, singer and songwriter Ion Javelin built bridges spanning from early techno - with great influence on the techno-/electro-scene at that time - to ambitious electro-pop; releases followed throughout Europe, the USA, South America and Canada, they were twice listed in the US-Billboard-Charts, 3 LPs ensued, and lots of singles and compilations.

In close collaboration with Andreas Velte and Christian Walter [Fruit, Klanghouse-Studio (a. o. Nils van Gogh, Mundstuhl, Automanic)], Paul-Alexander Schulte [Earth Nation, Vorsprung durch Technik, Winson, Laith Al-Deen, DAF, Silicon Funk] and Mike Burn [a. o. Mike Burn & Friends, The Mabuse Project (with Kai Eckhardt, Sean Rickman & David Haynes), Burn/Hewer/Iorio (with Mark Hewer & Daniel Iorio)] Ion Javelin has now produced the art pop-album ‘Time for Change’ which, in comparison with early Moskwa TV turns out to be more elaborate, more complex and just plain cooler, without having lost touch with the central features particularly of Moskwa TV´s very last album, ‘Javelin’: Thrilling, sophisticated compositions, charismatic, polyphonic singing in refrains, finely tuned & vivid arrangements which from time to time leave space for solos ( at times even acoustic), imaginative sound-landscapes as well as ambitious lyrics with references to psychological, political and philosophical issues.

Apart from the flawless electro-pop-titles ‘There is Something’ and ‘Being boiled’, a hot inventive cover of the Human League classic with a straight house beat, as well as a wide-ranging track (Lose myself) dominated by electric guitars and powered by Kai Eckhardt´s fretless bass [Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, John McLaughlin] that could have emanated from a collaboration of The Cure with Japan and Tears for Fears, the LP sometimes moves in lounge-like realms (The Ability to change, A Place in the City), sometimes akin to minimalist-electro (Paranoia, Generator X.O.7/8), while at other times sounding romantic and soundtrack-like (Let her go) or impetuously electro-raving, reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers or Underworld, though more song- and pop-orientated (Take a Chance). Moreover, you can listen to a whacky & slightly darkwave-like duet (Walking through the Rain) with Antje Schulz [In strict Confidence, Chandeen, Spin spin Sugar). The CD is rounded off with the previously unreleased bonus video-track ‘Pulsing Adrenaline’, originating from Javelins last album ‘Broken Surface’ (produced with Harald Löwy [Chandeen]); its mixture of experimental, ambient, ballad- and jazz-like elements expands the albums extraordinary musical range once more.

‘Time for Change’ is a missing link for everyone interested in imaginative and intense music that’s mainly based on synthetic sound generators but still sounds organic, and who appreciates clear singing with a distinctive timbre, which in the cosmos of voices should be placed somewhere between Gahan, Sylvian, Heppner, Hutchence, le Bon and the early Ferry; the reflective and controlled, but nevertheless strongly emotional loner.

Thanks to the 80’s revival which has lasted for several years now, a younger audience with a taste for exquisite, electronic based pop à la IAMX, Heaven 17, Duran Duran, Hurts, Wolfsheim, De/Vision or Air might also develop a strong liking to the music of Ion Javelin.
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