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Fayoum Blue

Brothers Of The Sun


El Fayoum = the largest oasis in Egypt, about 100 kilometers in the southwest of Cairo, 1.800 square kilometers large.

After visiting this fascinating landscape, Lothar Krell had the inspiration of creating a musical oasis within the present-day " desert landscape of music ". He spoke about his ideas with his friend and colleage Büdi Siebert, and they decided to form the group " Fayoum Blue ".

The band should have a timeless, natural sound that could be presented live on stage in the form of a tour.

It wasn´t long before they found the right combination of musicians for the project, people who they got along with and who helped create the sound of Fayoum Blue. The singer and lyricist Linda Rocco, the guitar and sound aesthete Michael Lücker, with Lothar Krell´s beautiful songs, his production know-how and his stylistic candour, together with the multi-intrumental virtuoso Büdi Siebert´s richness of styles and spiritualism, they created a contemporary concept, a sound that unites pop, chill, electronic and world music.

The traditional instruments and ethnic sounds, cool songs and grooves, and the warm, expressive voice of Linda Rocco, combine to make this album a true experience.

The live concert of these five musicians with their love of performing, extensive experience, and fantastic visual projections, will take the audience on a musical journey they will never forget.

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